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Organised by  Tony Boundy, 1 Elms Paddock, Little Stretton, Shropshire SY6 6RD




The Roadbooks will be issued on A4 sheets.

Each Day is divided into Stages. Some Stages will be the same for
both Short and Long Routes.  Those specifically for Short or Long
routes will be marked. E.g. "Day 1 stage 3 Short  (Abbreviated to
D1s3S) or Day 1 Stage 3 Long = D1s3L.  There are some other
permutations, but there will be a diagram or other way to show how
you can plan your day according to your whim or the weather.

The Stage usually ends in some fairly civilised spot a town or
village where you change sheets in the local pub / WC.  Or on Day
6 Stage 2 Long (Yup! D6s2L. You catch on quickly, sir.) the Stage
finishes at "A Bridge in Wales". However, there is a nearby pub.

The sheets will normally be printed on only one side.  Short Stages
and printing on one side may seem profligate, but trying to
re-introduce a soggy sheet into the route holder in the middle of
nowhere has spoiled some runs for me.  

Telephone Kiosks TK,  Post Boxes PB and Cattle Grids are
where they are an aid to navigation. Many other cattle grids are not
noted in the Roadbook

DAY1 STAGE 1   FROM TO. Length of Stage (Approx)  Day1s1
Instruct    Time        ROAD.   For     Direction   For
No.         No. MILES       KM
4   0.30    e.g. Approx  time taken to reach Instruction 4.  Based on
 average speeds of 24mph (Short)  (30mph Long Routes),  but
 sometimes modified for slow/ fast roads.  They are not targets!
        "LUDLOW  2"  What is written on the signpost
                     Ludlow  = Pass through / Arrive at
Change road B1234  
Continue    B1234
Miles / km to next "distance instruction". Approx       1   1.6
Distance  Approximately 500 1000 yds / metres     0.5
SOON    100 500 yds / m.    .IMMEDIATE  0 100 yds / m

y     Fork Left / Bear Left       Bifurcation ou obliquez gauche
y fi     Fork Right / Bear Right      Bifurcation ou obliquez droite
I     Turn Left at junction    Tournez gauche au carrefour    
Ifi      Turn Right at junction    Tournez droit au carrefour.
I=     Straight on at junction to right.   Toute a droit au carrefour droit
=I     Straight on at junction to left. Toute a droit au carrefour gauche
T    Turn Left at T Junction     Tournez gauche au T- carrefour
Tfi      Turn Right at T-Junction    Tournez droite au T-carrefour
C  Turn Left at Crossroads     Tournez gauche aux carrefours X  
B      Straight Ahead at X-roads    Toute droit aux carrefours X
Cfi  Turn Right at X-roads    Tournez droit aux carrefours X
0        0fi      0       Directions at a roundabout / au rond-point
o≠    o    o           Directions at mini roundabout / au mini rond-point

Nearly every tiny, minor road has white interrupted lines across it -
sometimes faded or under gravel.  You ignore these minor roads
unless therei s an instruction to alter course.  It was impossible to list
every single junction that you have to ignore, so keep following the
obvious road for the distance shown. The distances are
APPROXIMATE.  We noted the exact distances, but whos got
accurate odometers?  (OK. Clever Richard,  youve got a

The miles are rounded up or down to give an approximate distance
 to the next 
"distance instruction". E.g.:-     Inst 10   =I   "Bala
20"  B4567     7 miles  W (West)
    Inst 1    Penybontfawr 
(You pass through Penybontfawr. No mileage given.  The 7 miles
 quoted at Instruction 10, take you to:- )
        Inst 12 Ifi       B6789 (Road change)         3            N

Most of us are used to having cumulative distances on our one-day
jaunts.  Participants can do their own calculations the night before.
Editing changes over 1200 miles would be extremely time

The fractional "Km" distances come from converting miles to km. 
Rounding them up & down and still keeping an equivalence with the
mileage was too time consuming.I came under some criticism for
including N, S E,W. directions. My mother may have been stung by a
bee in 1929, as I do have a very strong sense of direction and the
compass headings are my "comfort blanket" in strange territory.

The new Ordnance Survey "TOURING Map 6 Wales/Cymru"  1
inch to 3.5 Miles ISBN  0 319 25032 6  is now available priced
at under 4.00.  It has got every road that we will use.  If you can find
an old copy (any year will do) of the "Ordnance Survey Motoring
Atlas, Britain.  1: 190 000" the maps are clearer and you would only
need to rip out pages 28, 29, 30, 38, 39 & 40.

Sweatshirts.  Weve chosen Navy Blue.  It doesnt show the dirt a
very important criteria for The Touring Section !  Weve opted for a
yellow logo about the only colour that will show up on Navy.  If you
have a personal objection to the colour scheme, please let us know. 
Sweatshirts (instead of T-shirts) are 5.  Additional Sweatshirts are
10 and additional T-shirts are 4.50.

We think thats covered most eventualities!  We look forward to meeting you all on 15th September, and hope that this dreadful Summer will have passed into a delightful Autumn.








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