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The Rev. J.A.Bís annual sermon followeth.
Taken from the Pitman Book of Motorcycle Maintenance,
Chapter Three,  beginning at the Fourth Verse. 

"Look ye unto the state of thine chains.  Cast out those which can bend
sideways like a serpent.  Render unto thy toolbox, a spring and half-links
that thy journeyings may not be brought to naught.
Disregard not the thinness of thy brake linings, but send them swiftly for
re-lining lest they sendeth thou hurtling to thy doom.  Remember, O Israel,
that only asbestos linings had everlasting life.
Neglect not thy control cables, oiling not those which hath a nylon lining,
but annointing with Three in One those that hath not a nylon lining. Gather
unto each cable a brethren like unto itself, so that thy journeyings may be
resumed swiftly. 
Layeth up a stock of good rubber, both within and without, so that thorns may not harm thee, nor that thou suffereth from escaping wind.
Gird up thy spokes that they may make a joyful sound when struck by a spanner.
Give good grease unto that which should be greased and good oil to that which should receive oil and thou wilt receive that peace of mind which inferior lubricants and rust cannot give.
Fear not the graunching as of a Primary Chain entering into the Kingdom of the Big End.  It is but the bods of the RAF disporting themselves at zero
feet above thy bonce".

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