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Organised by  Tony Boundy, 1 Elms Paddock, Little Stretton, Shropshire SY6 6RD












One of our most "matured" participants offered his application
form as "an act of faith!"  We are somewhat younger, but
volunteering to do ISDTW2 was also an act of faith.  ALL SIX
Roadbooks are now in the computer and ready to be printed so,
if there is any falling off perches, any slightly computer-literate
person can step in and give you your money’s worth.  That
makes us feel a lot better!

ISDTW 2001 opened up a whole new area of interest for us. 
One or two of you seem to hit the news in The VMCC Journal
each month. 

Can we please add our congratulations to Mick and Sarah Beer
on their Ruby Anniversary?  John Coverdale is pleading for
five gears for his Velo.  Perhaps we could have a whip round
and raise the asking price of £1200!  Thanks to Ken Lack I
now have three gears in the Scott for the first time since I
 rebuilt it in 1998.  It also stays in gear! We’re down to to
33 motor cycles and 47 "bodies".  In all likelihood we’ll also
have Tim Britton from Classic Motorcycle as a "Guest Rider"
one day on the Tour, with a write up promised by his Editor.

I can’t bear to watch "One Foot in the Grave", too many
similarities to my own existence!  There have been several
"I DON’T BELEEEVE ITs"  of late! Powys Tourism and
Llandrindod Chamber of Trade being the most common cause.
Many thanks to Mick Ward and George Cope for alerting us that
Janet Day had silently sold The Drover’s Arms.  I think Mick &
George were better informed than many locals were!  The new
owner, Joyce Hacking, cannot undertake the Howey Village Hall
arrangement.  We investigated "The Laughing Dog" – opposite
the Drover’s – that was being refurbished last September.  We’re
pleased to say that Paula and Sean are very keen to host us. 
They have a good-sized bar area, a snug, poolroom and a
 function room that will seat 30+ with ease. Their menus for
  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are, we think,  good
 value at £7.50 (inc. glass of wine or real ale) for two courses. The
Drover’s will also be open from 16.00 – 22.00. They are not
  prepared to offer us the £7.50 deal.

The main reasons for our three-day trip were route
checking and the feasibility of two, new, major "loops" to add
in place of Newquay and Caernarfon.  We also eased out some of
 last year’s "tricky navigationalproblems" - in medical parlance,
"Boundy Brain Fades". 

Day 1.  A prettier, and less complicated (Haven’t managed that
 before!) route to the top of the Longmynd.  Short Routers won’t
 have to fight their way through the "peasants", as Pierre Charrac
 described our feathered friends.

Day 2.  Brecon?  How could any idiot have written that bit of the Roadbook?  Having eventually found the right way, we went through Brecon three times in each direction to make absolutely sure that you won’t spend all morning riding around in circles.

Day 3.  The owner of The Talbot at Tregaron has a Norton, so we’ll
be very welcome there for lunch.  New Long Route section after
Tregaron:  We found Sarn Helen by a very tricky minor road (It’s
all right George, we abandoned it!) and used the B road instead.  If
 only it could be "closed" what a scratcher’s paradise it would be.
Sarn Helen was enjoyable and we don’t have to duplicate the
Mountain Road to Ffarmers (used on Day 6)

Day 4.  We are not using the "Contractors notice board" track:
We’ve by-passed the supermarket clog-up in Welshpool and
then cut down the mileage to get to Lake Vyrnwy ( Llyn Efernwy).  "Cutting down the mileage" is a euphemism for "Using more
direct, but more interesting roads".  Sorry George you can’t win
them all!  Long Routers get Llangollen deleted and a new section
inserted.  There was a warm welcome from Jacqui Clark at The
Lakeview Restaurant.

Day 5.  Long Routers will "do" Bwlch y Groes in both directions
(with lunch at The Lakeview?) and take a "pretty route" to
Machynlleth and then another new section to Llanidloes. 

Day 6.  We’re leaving that as is.

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